Liv Pancheri

Liv is an abstract painter and a graduating student of Tyler School of Art, accepting her BFA in Painting. The matteness of Liv’s materials allows her to reach a deeper space. Her work invites the viewer into a quiet atmosphere where she is investigating the depth of color in a flat plane. She focuses on it’s texture, light and surface. She spends half the time it takes to make a piece watching the paint dry. Her work is about observation, so she brings that into her practice. This allows her to notice the subtleties in the materials so she can keep control. It is a necessary slow. Getting the surface to feel right is through giving, taking, and rearranging until the painting gains a graceful durability.

For general information on commissions, please visit the contact page.

Latest Project

Newbies Art Show: Directed and Organized by Liv

Including 9 local and emerging artists & connections to opportunities and calls within the Philadelphia Art Community

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